Where haircuts and health intersect

The project partners with neighborhood barbershops in underserved communities to increase health literacy using interactive digital experiences

The biggest threats to men’s health are often preventable

When people are health literate, they are better at making healthy lifestyle choices, communicating with health care providers and accessing services

Community-Placed Approach to Health Literacy

An intrinsic part of the community, barbershops provide a unique way to improve education outside of traditional health services.

It’s also a prime example of ‘meeting people where they are‘ when improving healthcare.

Custom Digital Experience

Each interactive experience can be tailored with information relevant to the community, language, and level of health literacy.

Dynamic and Interactive

Using a video loop of positive health-related clips encourages customers to not only improve their health literacy but also scan a QR code.

Highly Customizable

Scanning the QR code takes customers to a gamification-style quiz related to the presented content, which can also capture client information.

Changing Communities

Collaborating with partner organizations, including health-related stakeholders can be potent tools to increase health equity in a meaningful and actionable way.

Inspired by Dr. Joseph Ravenell’s TED Talk

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